2017 MVFAF Emerging Artist Scholarships

Congratulations to the recipients of this year's Mill Valley Fall Arts Festival Emerging Artist Scholarships!  Two Tamalpias High seniors and two juniors were selected for excellence in art. 

Tam High Senior Awards (Class of '17)

Fiona Bransgrove

"I choose to paint with a mindset which entertains the idea of continuous motion, because movement forces new observations to persist, continuously transforming meaning."

Elisa Ryan

"Using a variety of mediums, with a focus in colored pencil, pen, and watercolor, I focus on the details that make people individuals, places unique."

Tam High Junior Awards (Class of '18)

Annika Jackson

"Through my use of light, color, and mediums I seek to portray a side of my subject rarely seen, at the most vulnerable."

Alexa Barth

"I am challenged by realism and reptiles intrigue me. I hope to show depth, light and texture."