What We Fund

The Friends of the MVFAF supports the annual Mill Valley Fall Arts Festival and a number of programs and initiatives in support of our mission:

Keeping the Mill Valley Fall Arts Festival Strong

The Mill Valley Fall Arts Festival is a community treasure that has been providing a showcase for artists in the area for over 60 years.  This great event is the host to over 100 artists and their work, including fine art paintings, ceramics, jewelry, photography, sculpture and more.  The Festival is one of the few remaining community-based and volunteer-run art festivals in the area. To keep the Festival accessible to all, our admission prices have stayed low despite increasing costs.  The Friends of MVFAF are dedicated to maintaining the community-based tradition of the Festival, and to ensuring that ticket prices stay low so that this special showcase of artists remains open to all.

In addition, the Friends of MVFAF fund improvements to the Festival as needed, with recent planned improvements including enhanced gate entrances and improved shuttle services to the Festival.

Supporting Local Emerging Artists

The mission of the Friends of the MVFAF is to foster and encourage creative endeavors in our community.  The Friends of MVFAF Emerging Artist Scholarship Program was established in 2010 for this purpose, offering annual awards to Mill Valley's Tamalpias High School students who excel in the arts.  Under the Program, two senior Advanced Placement Studio Art students receive $500 awards,  and two juniors in either 2D Design, Drawing or 3D portfolio is provided a $250 award.  Unlike most scholarships that go directly to the institution, the Friends of MVFAF awards are given directly to the student to be be used for tuition and art supplies.  We hope to continue to provide these scholarships to encourage arts education in our community, and to expand the program if possible in the future.  

2017 MVFAF Emerging Artist Scholarships Awardees

The Friends also support emerging local artists of all ages, with plans to provide a number of Festival exhibition spaces to new local artists at discounted rates, and by increasing new artist exposure through Friends-sponsored events, like our Emerging Artists Event (one of our Membership Benefits).

Establishing Year Round Programs to Promote Art in Community

We are working with Festival artists to create programs for youth and adults to foster art education and appreciation, including interactive youth art programs, and programs for interested adults.  We are building a community of like-minded people in the Mill Valley area who are passionate about supporting artists and encouraging arts education.  Our newsletter provides information about local art-related art and events, and opportunities for members to get involved in the community.